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Kick Out the Jams! – Nikkatsu’s Stray Cat Rock Series – By Tom Mes

Nikkatsu is the oldest of Japan’s major film studios. Shochiku may pride itself on its longevity, celebrating its centennial in 2005 with much ado, but it was only a theatre … Continue reading

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R100 is a comedy that plays without a safe word . by By Katie Rife

It’s easier to define what R100 isn’t than what it is. First of all, despite the presence of ninja dominatrices, it’s not a steamy thriller, and the raincoat crowd should … Continue reading

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Tokyo Story: No 4 best arthouse film of all time. by David Thomson

It’s dangerous to start watching Japanese cinema, because the world is so extensive and dazzling you may quickly develop a taste for nothing but Japanese films. Is there a romance … Continue reading

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Picaresque Pasolini By DAVID MERMELSTEIN

Pier Paolo Pasolini remains one of cinema’s most controversial figures. Though other Italian filmmakers who emerged after World War II—including Roberto Rossellini,Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni—also provoked audiences, none did so as pointedly as Pasolini, … Continue reading

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The Last Great New York Band? Parquet Courts have arrived to summon the ghosts of guitar rock by Steven Hyden

  “We’re not dumb. We know we’re dealing with a certain level of expectation.” Andrew Savage of the brilliant Brooklyn-based post-punk band Parquet Courts and I are lingering by the … Continue reading

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Q&A: Nick Cave On the Grinderman Lyrics That Infuriate His Wife the Most – Kory Grow

Nick Cave is a busy man. In 2009, the underground rock hero has released a novel, scored a Viggo Mortensen movie, re-released some of his Bad Seeds records, rewritten the … Continue reading

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Q&A: Broken Bells’ Danger Mouse And James Mercer On The Making And Meaning Of After The Disco – Chris DeVille

With After The Disco, the sprawling and ambitious sophomore effort they’ll release next week, Shins frontman James Mercer and superproducer Danger Mouse cement their band Broken Bells as more than … Continue reading

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Sylvan Esso by Ian Cohen

  There are bands that arrive fully formed with a fresh sound satisfying a need listeners didn’t even know they had—and then you have an act like Sylvan Esso, who … Continue reading

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1980: Rema-Rema – Wheel in the Roses by DEVIN FRIESEN

London’s Rema-Rema existed very briefly, forming in 1979 and breaking up before the end of 1980. Wheel in the Roses is the post-punk quintet’s lone release, a four-song EP that was also … Continue reading

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Wild, Wild Wes A master of high style goes looking for adventure. from New Yorker

  The director Wes Anderson is making a movie in a large studio in the East End of London while seated at his desk in Montparnasse, in Paris. His workspace … Continue reading

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