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PATHS, a Fastlane to Nowhere

PATHS is a video experience

PATHS, a Fastlane to Nowhere, is a 7 minute video in three parts, inspired by Trois Gymnopedies, an Erik Satie composition. Each part uses one piece of his work.

Each segment is a moment in time only, with no reference of space. To capture that feeling, three highways were shot in different weather conditions: clear sky, rain and snow… completely changing the look and feel of each landscape.

Going from nothing to nowhere.

Transforming shapes, colors and lights on the journey

That is the experience… just a repetition itself as our lives as our paths. This experience is a result of more than 1000 digital photos compiled and treated in post production
These photos combined with Erik Saties Trois Gymnopedies and his concept of Furniture music. It was meant to be in the background rather than listened to.
The video could be translated to use the background as the major character of the piece. The focus is on road instead the destination, seeing it in different angles.

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